Memory Full? Digital keepsake box

This webpage is populated with digital items (pictures, audio, photographs, posters) that respond to the theme of the DHS 2021 Annual Conference Memory Full? We had first named it a "pop-up archive" but then came to call it a "digital keepsake box". It is a transitional, emergent, space between an undisciplined collection of items loosely grouped together and something that might, or might not, become part of an actual archive in the future.

Researcher's Voicemail

Oral histories of researching ︎︎︎
—community building workshop

Memory Full objects

Dear penpal... meet and greet ︎︎︎
—community building session

︎︎︎ move the images around to read the captions and organise them to your liking ︎︎︎


Recording & Inventing ︎︎︎
—image-making workshop

/// Check out the image-maker "starter kit" ︎︎︎

What is this about?      

This series of pre-conference events is an initiative of the Design History Society in conjunction with the DHS 2021 Annual Conference hosted virtually from Basel, Switzerland.

All activities are free and open to everyone (those registered and those not registered for the conference), but participants must book via Eventbrite in advance.

It all started with a Picnic... ︎︎︎
Organising committee      

Tai Cossich
Sandra Bischler

Oral histories of researching
Andrea Foffa

Dear penpal... meet and greet
Fleur Elkerton

Karen Fraser
Felicity Hall
Jennifer McHugh

Recording & Inventing
Anna Talley

Alex J Todd
Jennifer McHugh

With special thanks to...
Jenna Allsopp
Denise Lai
Artun Özgüner
Gael Welstead

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