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Dear penpal... meet and greet
— community building session

Tai Cossich, Felicity Hall, Fleur Elkerton, Karen Fraser, Jennifer McHugh

Dear penpal… meet and greet is a community building session for everyone interested in, or curious about, design history: the shy, the geeky, the chatty. In this session, we will meet each other individually for quick rounds of informal chats about our writing interests, projects, hopes and, perhaps, insecurities?

All participants will be given the option of exchanging contact details during and prior to the event — it would be so lovely to see pairs of penpals coming out of this session: perhaps a couple of people would like to team up for friendly peer-review? Others might like to exchange postcards!

Please contribute to this session by sending in one object related to “memory-full” or “forget-full” — maybe an unforgettable object, something full of memories or, conversely, an object that has been forgotten (or found!) somewhere.

Contributions will be received on a rolling basis. We have started sharing our “memory full” objects with each other via our digital keepsake box.

This event is free and open to everyone, those registered and those not registered for the 2021 DHS Annual Conference. For those attending the conference, this session could be a great way of getting to know each other. For those not attending the conference, you are still very welcome to join in! It should be fun.
Essential information — this session has been adapted to take place entirely asynchronously.
Send in your contributions to the digital keepsake box on a rolling basis.

All activities are free and open to everyone (those registered and those not registered for the DHS 2021 Annual Conference), but participants must book via Eventbrite in advance.


What is this about?      

This series of pre-conference events is an initiative of the Design History Society in conjunction with the DHS 2021 Annual Conference hosted virtually from Basel, Switzerland.

All activities are free and open to everyone (those registered and those not registered for the conference), but participants must book via Eventbrite in advance.

It all started with a Picnic... ︎︎︎
Organising committee      

Tai Cossich
Sandra Bischler

Oral histories of researching

Andrea Foffa

Dear penpal... meet and greet

Fleur Elkerton
Karen Fraser
Felicity Hall
Jennifer McHugh

Recording & Inventing

Anna Talley
Alex J Todd
Jennifer McHugh

With special thanks to...
Jenna Allsopp
Denise Lai
Artun Özgüner
Gael Welstead

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