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DHS Reading Groups 2022
Design History & Language Rights

Design History & Digital Humanities

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: collaborative publishing workshops

The DHS Reading Groups are launching a call for papers for anyone interested in participating in the collaborative publishing workshops (from July to December 2022). Proposal for papers that respond to either one of the themes of the reading groups are welcome:

Design History & Digital Humanities
Design History & Language Rights

Please submit your first draft (2000 words) by August 1, 2022 via email:

  • The first draft will go through a round of collaborative peer review: Participants will provide feedback on one another’s papers by August 15.

  • A second submission and round of peer review will follow in November. 

  • Two editors of the Journal of Design History, Claire O’Mahony and Daniel Huppatz, will join us for one special workshop session (date to be announced).

Read more about the themes:

Design History & Digital Humanities

For those interested in submitting a paper proposal that resonates with Design History & Digital Humanities, here are some topics for exploration:

  • How can theories, methods and technologies of the digital humanities be applied to research in design history?
  • Case-studies of projects that apply digital humanities theory and methods to design historical practice.
  • The relationship between information networks and research in design history.
  • Challenges and opportunities for the application of the digital humanities to design history.
  • Digital humanities as related to exhibitions, public engagement and the preservation of (tangible and intangible) objects.
  • Role of the digital humanities in design historical pedagogy.

Please feel free to contact Anna Talley ( if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your proposal before submitting it.

Design History & Language Rights

For those interested in submitting a paper proposal that resonates with Design History & Language Rights, here are some topics for exploration:

  • Intersections of Design History and the broad discursive field of Language Rights, including indigeneity and language maintenance, language policy, and language activism.
  • Participatory methods in design historical inquiry: challenges and opportunities posed by collaborating across linguistic divides.
  • Impact of design and technological change on linguistic diversity.
  • Case studies in design responses to language revitalisation: how have designers contributed to language reclamation initiatives and to language documentation projects?
  • Representing multilingualism: How has multilingualism been represented through a variety of media and what have been the effects of these representations in language practice of particular communities?

Please feel free to contact Tai Cossich ( if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your proposal before submitting it.

Important dates

August 1, 2022      

Paper submission (first draft, 2000 words) for the first round of collaborative peer review.

Please send your draft to
by August 1, 2022.

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